EDM sensation, Rainbow Trip dedicates their latest viral EDM song to all the Pokémon GO players & fans around the world!
Watch the video here – Pokémon GO meets EDM Music

“We are overwhelmed by all the amazing pictures of your Pokémon catches! It’s our attempt to compile some of the coolest catches that we’ve come across into a best catches compilation series with our EDM music. Gotta Catch ’em all, yeah?” – Amrita Sonowal, Lead vocalist of Rainbow Trip quoted in an interview with The Alternative Post.

The song titled “Goru Bihu Song” captures the essence of folk Bihu dance of Assam (remote Himalayan region of India) and celebration of the spirit of goru bihu (folk festival) with cow face paint.

Watch the video here – Rainbow Trip – Goru Bihu Song | EDM Folk Music

Pokémon Go (stylized as Pokémon GO) is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was released in most regions of the world in July 2016. Making use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices, the game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on device screens as though in the real world. The game is free to play, although it supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items. An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokémon are nearby.

Pokémon Go was released to mixed reviews. Reviewers praised the overall experience of the game and the incentive to adventure the real world, while noting technical issues that were apparent at launch. The game quickly became one of the most used smart device apps, surpassing the previous record held by Candy Crush Saga in the United States, and was a boon to the stock value of The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. The game was credited with popularizing augmented reality, and was praised by some medical professionals for potentially improving the mental and physical health of players, but also attracted some controversy due to reports of causing accidents and being a public nuisance at some locations.

Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres produced largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. Produced for playback by disc jockeys (DJs), EDM is generally used in the context of a live mix, where a DJ creates a seamless selection of tracks by segueing from one recording to the next.

By the early 2010s the term “electronic dance music” and the initialism “EDM” was being pushed by the U.S. music industry and music press in what was largely an effort to re-brand U.S. rave culture. In the UK, “dance music” or “dance” are more common terms for EDM. In this context, EDM does not refer to a specific genre, but serves as an umbrella term for several commercially popular genres, including techno, house, trance, drum and bass, dubstep, Jersey club, and their respective subgenres.


Police safe the scene close to Comet Ping Pong in Washington, DC, Sunday, December 4, 2016. Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Publish by means of AP

A edition of this post originally appeared on the Trace.

The armed assault on a Washington, DC, family members cafe last Sunday was perplexing for a selection of factors. Why did Edgar Welch take the harebrained “Pizzagate” web conspiracy theory so severely he felt compelled to carry 3 guns with him on a push from North Carolina to Comet Ping Pong? Offered Welch’s felony document, which includes two drug possession fees, how did he manage to get these weapons? Isn’t going to federal regulation prohibit folks with documented history of possessing or employing illegal substances from purchasing guns?

The answer to what motivated Welch is even now becoming sorted out. On Monday, DC law enforcement explained that Welch instructed them that he experienced driven to the pizzeria to “self-examine” bogus intercourse abuse claims made in opposition to the Institution throughout and instantly soon after the heated presidential election.

As soon as in the restaurant, he pointed a rifle at an personnel and fired at minimum one particular shot into the flooring prior to surrendering.

It truly is also not yet very clear the place, or how, Welch received his arsenal—an AR-15 rifle, a .38-caliber revolver, and a shotgun. But it seems that even with his rap sheet, he is not what the FBI or the Bureau of Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives deem a “prohibited purchaser,” someone flagged in the federal history check method as unfit to receive a firearm in a gun acquire or transfer.

John Sifford, a captain in the sheriff’s office in Rowan County, in which Welch life, explained the gunman’s misdemeanor expenses would not have impeded the section from issuing him a hid weapons license or a permit to obtain a pistol. But there is no evidence that Welch used for, or received these permissions, Sifford mentioned.

It appears that Welch may possibly have not attained lawful permission to get or have the .38-caliber revolver located in his possession in the pizza parlor.

Broadly speaking, convicted felons are not permitted to own or purchase guns in the US. A federal track record check type asks future buyers if they are “an unlawful user” of medicines or “addicted to a managed material”—a obscure classification that can include misdemeanor drug offenses. In the very last two many years, the FBI has blocked hundreds of hundreds of individuals with data of drug possession or use from acquiring firearms.

It can sometimes consider much more than three times to type out the particulars of a would-be buyer’s drug record. If that occurs, sales instantly go through—sometimes with calamitous benefits.

Check out out the TONIC documentary on the HIV crisis in the American South.

Following Dylann Roof killed 9 churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, federal officers discovered that he should have been prohibited from purchasing the gun he employed in that crime: 3 months before, Roof had confessed to misdemeanor unlawful possession of medications, particularly Suboxone, a prescription pharmaceutical used to control opioid addictions. Thanks to a paperwork mistake, the FBI was not able to determine that Roof’s charge was without a doubt ample to block his gun obtain inside 3 times, at which stage he acquired the weapon in any case in what’s known as a default move forward sale.

Welch had also been convicted of drug crimes. In 2007, he pleaded responsible to two misdemeanor drug possession fees. But the “unlawful person” prohibition has an expiration day. A conviction, constructive drug take a look at, or confession only prohibits folks from acquiring guns if it happened in the previous 12 months. That is in accordance to the FBI’s comprehensive guidelines about just what designates a person as an “unlawful person” of illegal medications, which indicates that Welch was almost certainly not lined by the prohibition.

So as lengthy as Welch obtained his guns soon after 2008, there is very likely no lawful purpose why the sales should have been blocked. Stephen Fischer, an FBI spokesman, declined to straight address whether or not Welch had passed a qualifications verify or not, owing to privateness limits.

Welch had other run-ins with the legislation. Also in 2007, he pleaded responsible to driving soon after consuming alcoholic beverages and with an open up container. (This Oct, he struck and severely wounded a teenager with his motor vehicle, however the incident did not result in legal charges.) Alcoholic beverages-relevant misdemeanors will not stand in the way of passing a federal history check, and only a small handful of states like neighboring South Carolina impose their possess restrictions on folks with histories of drunken habits. Nonetheless, states like Virginia or Florida suspend concealed carry licenses following DUIs.

The method made to keep guns out of the palms of unsafe folks is riddled with complexities like these. Condition regulations complicate things further: There are various policies concerning who can carry guns in community, and some states make use of different requirements for making it possible for or denying gun buys.

In Welch’s native North Carolina, gun regulations are comparatively unfastened. The point out permits people to get rifles and shotguns with out going through background checks, but citizens have to obtain a permit to obtain a handgun or carry a concealed weapon. These permits are issued by the neighborhood sheriff’s place of work.

The Trace has questioned the Rowan County Sheriff’s Division if there is any other way that Welch would have been able to legally acquire the pistol without acquiring a allow in progress. We will update with the department’s response.

A model of this write-up was initially released by the Trace, a nonprofit information organization masking guns in The usa. Signal up for the e-newsletter, or adhere to the Trace on Fb or Twitter.

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The other day, I turned around whilst I was cooking, kitchen area knife in hand, and tripped on my cat. I caught myself on my counter, but I’m specified that if I hadn’t been standing in that perfect location, I would have tried to brace myself with my knife hand, and accidentally sunk nine inches of Williams Sonoma steel deep into my very own ribcage. (My cat, in the meantime, walked absent searching mildly aggravated, as she would have experienced I stabbed myself.)

Thank God my girlfriend lives with me. If I would been impaled on my knife she would have surely utilized her useful abilities as a comedy writer to conserve me. But if she at any time remaining, I believe I would be susceptible not just to knives, but to all the hazards that presumably plague solo dwellers like choking, slipping in the shower, and mental sickness. But am I getting presumptuous?

Sasha Cagen, the creator of Quirkyalone, a guide for non-hermits who nevertheless get pleasure from becoming alone, told me there are hazards connected with dwelling by yourself, but that in a way, they are irrelevant. In towns, she stated, “living alone has a type of standing to it. It truly is a luxurious.”

“Folks who want to dwell alone will reside by yourself. It’s good to be mindful of the downsides so you can compensate for them,” Cagen additional.

When it comes to bodily threat, every person I talked to about living by itself experienced a story: One person found a solo-dwelling buddy locked in her bathroom for hrs soon after the doorframe warped. One more accidentally swallowed a grape. An additional acquired a jolt from a lamp with defective wiring. And as I’ve prepared before, back when I employed to reside by itself I when gorged myself on uncooked vegetables, and acquired a huge wad of broccoli caught in my throat.

If these stories gave you a surge of stress as you remembered your own shut get in touch with (sound off in the feedback!), you could almost certainly use a heat bath of science and knowledge to soothe your irrational fear. A 2009 report from the Journal of Local community Health found that above the training course of four a long time, the share of folks who fell in their properties was usually about four per cent higher for folks dwelling by itself. But that examine only appeared at people more than 50, and only coated incidents that received reported. A study from 2012 on the much more basic results of solitude notes this difficulty: “Most reports in this area of analysis have been cross-sectional and have concentrated on selected populations these kinds of as aged individuals residing by itself or single mothers and fathers,” that report claims. Very couple of researchers are learning that crucial group of people who dwell by itself by option and are entirely wonderful with that so their mother and father should cease asking about them, genuinely.

As for choking, I could not uncover data about the relative danger for people who reside on their possess. In truth, the large majority of choking fatalities that make it to the news occur with other folks about. I only found a single clear-reduce information tale about a lonely, Liz Lemon–esque choking death: In 2007, a man in England who lived by yourself choked to loss of life on a dried apricot and was located later on by a single of his little ones. Although tragic, the tale is a little bit “canine bites male,” so it would seem fully achievable that reporters basically don’t compose tales about these incidents when they happen. (Choking—alone or otherwise—kills two,500 Individuals every 12 months.)

Even if the quantities will not suggest that lonely people are beneath assault by under-chewed Blue Apron pork cutlets, the need to have for warning is obvious. Jonathan Epstein, senior director of science and content material advancement at the American Red Cross and also a paramedic, instructed me when I spoke to him about a calendar year in the past that “the most critical point you can do if you’re choking is to make an individual conscious that you are struggling to breathe.” That means it really is a very good notion to flag down a neighbor and signal that there’s a difficulty by undertaking the aged “I’m choking” gesture.

Method for not choking to demise, by way of Resuscitation

If you dwell by yourself and in a secluded location, you are actually fucked if you choke, and you need to consider reading through up on the latest in self-administered initial aid. A paper published previously this yr by the journal Resuscitation pulls from numerous resources in health-related literature, and concludes that—no joke—doing a handstand, or a modified handstand assisted by a chair (see diagram above), and then just letting gravity perform the Heimlich maneuver is amid the best methods to save your own existence. If you stay on your own in a log cabin, you ought to instruct yourself to do this appropriate now.

In accordance to Cagan, incidents do not actually sign up as a hazard for folks who devote prolonged stretches of time by itself. Instead, a significantly much more standard “fear of dying on your own” is one particular of the two principal difficulties. The other is “the extreme discomfort of becoming ill alone.” No matter how defiantly impartial you are, Cagan explained, there is just no denying that sometimes it is natural to be about other individuals. “We need other folks in our instances of weak spot, and to share satisfied times as well,” she informed me.

The psychological consequences of isolation are properly-documented. The journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology published a report before this yr in assist of this concept. Social isolation and loneliness in young folks ended up two different observable psychological well being elements that ended up “moderately correlated,” the review identified, but both have been joined to depression. A report from the journal Coronary heart last calendar year tied each loneliness and social isolation to boosts in coronary coronary heart condition and stroke. And in accordance to a Finnish examine from 2011, living alone—regardless of no matter whether you say you feel lonely—is linked to a considerable enhance in death from the prolonged-expression results of alcohol dependency.

So there are significant indications to observe for. To steer clear of them,Cagan recommended, you require to “make sure you have social contact,” which she mentioned gets more challenging when you start off receiving on in several years, and “buddies who are not dwelling by itself get started paying all their time with their households.”

Even if the psychological consequences aren’t serious in your situation, Cagan told me, there is also a danger that you may well get too strange to at any time live with yet another human being. She told me that people she’s counseled about solo residing, who then acquired into associations, have reported long term consequences like, “not really sharing the identical mattress all the time,” and difficulties adapting to yet another person’s need to have to, y’know, clean up close to the home.

When you’re on your own, Cagan discussed, “you get to live in the jungle, and return to what you really feel like performing.” And if jungle existence is what you happen to be truly into, you might be operating the threat that you might by no means want to return to civilization.

Closing Verdict: How Afraid Must I Be of Residing Alone?

two/five: Taking Standard Precautions

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On December eighteen, the Fonda will host a advantage demonstrate entitled We Rock With Standing Rock. The Los Angeles live performance will characteristic performances from Tv on the Radio, Sky Ferreira, Fiona Apple, Devendra Banhart, Kimya Dawson, Moses Sumney, and numerous a lot more. The shows proceeds will go toward GiveLove, the Oceti Sakowin Camp fund, Native Children’s Survival, and&#8230


Protection lawyers encompass former North Charleston cop Michael Slager in courtroom on December 5. (Photo by Grace Beahm – Pool/Getty Photographs)

On Monday, a South Carolina jury could not agree that a cop taking pictures a fleeing, unarmed guy in the back again several instances from properly above a dozen toes absent was murder. Soon after a months-prolonged demo, days of deliberations, and prodding from a decide for jurors to reach a verdict, Michael Slager, the white former police officer who killed Walter Scott, escaped conviction—at least for now—via mistrial.

The killing took place on April 4, 2015, in the midst of a nationwide discussion about law enforcement brutality and the function race performs in determining when deadly power is meted out in opposition to citizens. But as opposed to some substantial-profile shootings of black gentlemen by white cops, Slager’s actions were captured in a online video that seemed to make the situation against him airtight. The jury’s refusal to convict, coupled with an incoming US legal professional standard some fear will refashion the civil rights division of the Justice Section, casts a pall above the future of law enforcement reform in America.

So what went mistaken?

1 plausible offender observers quickly latched onto is the make-up of the jury. With 11 white associates and 1 black one particular, the group appeared oddly skewed in favor of the defense in a location with a history of racially-charged trials. Now, legal professionals can dismiss likely jurors “for cause” (for causes like getting biased or associated to the defendant), or use one particular of a handful of “peremptory” difficulties that never require a explanation for dismissal. But as Colin Miller, a law professor at the College of South Carolina points out, the Supreme Court docket ruled in 1986 that the one particular reason lawyers are not allowed to dismiss men and women is their race.

So if potential jurors who mentioned they would not be biased in this sort of a high-profile scenario took place to be white—as they (virtually all) had been here—the state experienced to make do.

Even with a demographically favorable jury, at the outset of the demo, it was challenging to divine how Slager’s attorneys could drive back from such a seemingly damning movie. But amid other items, the legal professionals finished up submitting some creative motions 1 brought the jury out of the courtroom and to the scene of the criminal offense, where the lawyers may possibly have had some luck suggesting there was a lot more to the video than satisfied the eye.

“I can not in great conscience contemplate a responsible verdict,” an nameless white juror wrote in a letter to Choose Clifton B. Newman on Friday. The juror added in his observe, which was read through aloud in court, that it was unlikely the unanimous consensus essential to end result in a conviction would be achieved.

In accordance to Miller, the reason that the choose did not instantly declare a mistrial then and there is due to the fact he could problem what’s known as an Allen Charge. Basically, it’s a command for jurors to hold striving to get to consensus. The buy is occasionally referred to as a “dynamite demand” or a “nitroglycerin charge” by critics who feel it quantities to bullying or at least influencing the jury.

“There are these two competing colleges of views,” Miller clarifies. “The state of South Carolina stated the objective is unanimity, even though other states have said that is not the aim, and that we should not try out to power sq. pegs into spherical holes.”

In an endeavor to stability these two philosophies, Miller provides, Choose Newman gave the jurors a tiny little bit of time to re-consider, but ultimately didn’t thrust too difficult. By Monday afternoon, it was all in excess of.

Check out our new wellness internet site TONIC’s appear at the HIV disaster sweeping by means of the American South.

For his component, Eric A. Johnson, a law professor at the University of Illinois, wonders why that lone juror wasn’t dismissed offered that other panelists reportedly recommended he was ignoring important proof and testimony. Johnson pointed to the case from the appropriate-wing militia’s takeover of a wildlife refuge in Oregon previously this 12 months. At the outset of deliberations in that case, apparently said at the outset of deliberations thathe was “really biased” and utilised to operate for the Bureau of Land Administration (BLM), and was in the end changed with an alternate.

Apparently, Johnson says, any bias in this occasion was not as overt.

The jury in the end failed to convict Slager of murder, for which they would have necessary to agree that he acted with malice. But jurors also unsuccessful to agree he was guilty of manslaughter, for which they would have only essential to conclude the ex-cop was acting out of passion. Then again, that the situation even went to trial is fairly remarkable––since 2005, thousands of people have been killed by law enforcement and only seventy eight of cops associated in those shootings have been billed with possibly murder or manslaughter convictions continue to be really unusual, according to the Washington Put up.

“It saddens me, but I am not shocked,” Howard Friedman of the Nationwide Police Accountability Project advised the New York Times. “The fact that out of 12 people you would uncover one particular person so prejudiced in favor of law enforcement is saddening, not shocking, since I know that sort of prejudice in favor of law enforcement is out there.”

For what it’s value, prosecutors in the Slager scenario have promised to consider the cop again. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who was just nominated for a task as UN Ambassador by President-elect Donald Trump, mentioned she expects to see Slager back in court as well. If nothing else, her renewed phone for “justice” implies the case continues to be a relatively nonpartisan a single.

That’s very good news for law enforcement reformers, as Slager still faces federal civil rights charges in a independent trial following 12 months. Although the Office of Justice will have a new political manager and could vastly adjust its priorities below Trump, Professor Johnson, at the very least, cannot conceive of the circumstance being dropped completely. The criticism would just be overpowering.

“I guess its conceivable that a new prosecutor appointed by President Trump could make the decision to dismiss the prosecution,” he said. “But it seems not likely to me based mostly on the foundation of seeing the videotape that anybody would feel that would be an suitable choice.”

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